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About eDiscoverySquad, LLC

We are focused exclusively on software and expertise to manage litigation “in the cloud”.   This takes down barriers to effective collaboration with clients or co-counsel, and arms small to medium sized law firms with “Big Law” technology and expertise that is cost apportioned and bite sized to what they need and when it is needed avoiding large upfront multi-year commitments to dated technology.

We help clients with established ESI experts, by turning the tide and finding a way out of cost prohibitive or burdensome eDiscovery while avoiding costly software licensing approaches.


badge_cds_v2_webSpecifically, we are helping clients adopt affordable Litigation Review SaaS (Software as a Service) for Mac or PC, and cost effective eDiscovery options that are either self-serve, or priced per Gigabyte.  We have also been appointed by Google as an authorized provider and certified sales and deployment specialist of Google Apps software which includes Google Vault, a tool to manage litigation readiness by keeping ESI for small to medium sized business centralized in an organized fashion where legal holds can be implemented in a convenient and cost effective manner.


Any request from a few Mega-bytes, to over a Tera-byte of data, can be cost effectively processed. This includes email, social media content, and over 4000 file types which are converted into organized searchable text. Indexing is performed by powerful search and keyword clustering engines, which deliver low latency targeted searches required to isolate responsive and privileged client data. Productions can be produced or imported into formats that are compatible with other litigation review platforms including iPro, Lexbe, Concordance, Summation, and Relativity


Jeffrey Goodwin, founder of eDiscoverySquad has 20 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur. Soon after graduating from Washington State University, he started as an independent contract software engineer with IBM developing parts of the Windows operating system, and later founded a software company Ashley Laurent which developed networking, routing, and QoS software for routers and gateways.

Mr. Goodwin sold Ashley Laurent to Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) and began his newest project, eDiscoverySquad, which was unveiled in July 2012.

Mr. Goodwin’s roots go back four generations to the Seattle and Tacoma area to Willis Nelson Goodwin of McKenna, WA. He is the grandson of Judge William Nelson Goodwin, who was a Federal Judge in Tacoma appointed by Lyndon Johnson and is passionate about serving the legal community’s technology needs.


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