Free tools to Help Stressed Paralegals (used by the Library of Congress)!

 Are you under a stressful deadline to get all a legal client’s  emails, .PST files, and PDF’s and office documents ready for a production ? There is good news, eDiscoverySquad and the Library of Congress has some free and easy to … Continue reading

Google expected to roll out Vault (for Legal Holds) to existing business Gmail users very soon

Google Vault, used for legal holds, has been available for new customers migrating to Google Apps, but not to existing Gmail users.  However this is about to change very soon and is going to have a huge impact on a … Continue reading

We have been testing eDiscovery file types (over 4000) and International language options that you may need to be prepared for

We have been testing our eDiscovery file types and International language options on the EDRM Data Set ( and select customer jobs that have had problems with other eDiscovery methods.   In the process we have compiled a list of file … Continue reading

Are you using eDiscovery email deduplication to get your review under control ?

eDiscoverySquad processing services include deduplication of email and documents  by taking the hash value of the following metadata fields: Subject Body Recipients From/Author (Can use creation or modification date) Email Date CC Atachment Count BCC White Space (eliminated) User Start/End … Continue reading