eDiscovery Service

Use our eDiscoverySquad to leverage deep eDiscovery expertise for Email and PST with attachments to PDF service, along with over 4000 file types to searchable .PDF.  Separate attachments and associate them with email and metadata to search on author, recipient(s), sent and received time, along with details about attachments included date created and modified.

Email and PST to PDF conversion handles office documents, social media content, and more to searchable PDF files.  Make productions for opposing counsel in formats required: PDF, TIF, Summation/Concordance/Relativity Loadfiles, BATES stamping.

Tools for Native Review.   View native files like Microsoft Office directly in our browser from your review tool to directly analyze and tag, without having to download and load into Excel, Word, or other applications.

Fast turn around times.  Driven by performance optimized hardware and software, and around the clock services and quality control procedures, we drive hard to meet your deadlines.

Our Litigation Support people are highly specialized and provide top notch services, training, consulting, and custom development needed to make your project a success.  We also recover corrupted or deleted files, browsing history, chat logs, and other data using eForensics.