Reasons to work with us

As an authorized Google Apps Reseller, and partner with eDiscovery technology vendors like Lexis Nexis, iPro, and Lexbe you receive the best of breed SaaS (Software as a Service), freeing you up to focus on your business.  This enables you to maximize security and effectiveness, while tying the costs of technology directly to when you need them.

There are a lot of reasons to work with us, but consider we are partnered with some of the of the most trusted software technology in the business.

Google Apps has an application called Google Vault which is ideal for archiving email, chat, and voice mail.   You can easily search and tag all of your ESI based on search keywords.  For legal hold purposes, you can specify how long the archive should be kept.

iPro eCapture has a distributed environment for processing large amounts of data on multiple workstations concurrently.   It also automates the process of executing search keywords and scripting, which allow large amounts of data to be culled into a responsive data set with minimal human intervention or potential manual errors.

Lexbe logoFor easy to use and affordable web based Litigation Review software for Mac or PC’s, we have partnered with Lexbe.   Hundreds of law firms have used Lexbe Online to provide “on demand” SaaS (Software as a Service) for Litigation Reviews tying the costs of the software to when you need it.

HomeBuilding on our recent announcement to become a Google Apps reseller, and provide archiving services using Google Vault we have added the full capability to be your “Outsourced Virtual Compliance Officer” by partnering with Smarsh to add add support for Microsoft email and document formats, Social Media, Web, Instant Messaging, Mobile/Text, and Bloomberg chats.


Five more Reasons to work with us.

  1. We are experts on Social Media, Google Apps, Archiving, and eDiscovery.  We can help you get more business through customer leads generated from an improved online presence and save your business money by moving to the Cloud.  Not only will you drastically improve security, you will get a better user experience by leveraging all of the productivity aids recommended by our experts.
  2. Our eDiscovery services handle file conversions, metadata extraction, email and attachment processing.  We also process data types from social media or chat logs like FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, Yahoo, Bloomberg, or other sources. We help construct custom Boolean search plans, and prepare your review tool with specific tagging and coding operations to maximize review effectiveness.
  3. Match Litigation and eDiscovery costs to client needs with affordable monthly rates  by using Litigation Review SaaS, and PaaS (Platform as a Service) eDiscovery fees tied to specific ESI processing projects or productions.  Law firms and clients only pay for technology required for litigation when it is actually needed.
  4. Hard to handle eDiscovery work such as recovering corrupted files, reconstructing and capturing deleted files, output control for processing large spreadsheets or splitting large documents, unusual file types, or special requirements for OCR processing or ESI file conversions.
  5. Get litigation ready, and get set up with cost effective Email and social media archiving and be ready to quickly and efficiently handle compliance requirements and internal investigations at the same time.