Virtual Legal Tech – Cloud security and remediation

Virtual Legal Tech is coming up on Nov 8th, 2012.

At 2 p.m., there is a course that takes a deep dive on cloud security and remediation.  Here is a summary:

Attend this session to discover how to:

  • Facilitate SaaS subscriptions through an escrow arrangement
  • Identify scenarios by which contingency plans should be contemplated
  • Engender trust between the buyer and seller
  • Overcome the risk objections to doing business
  • Optimize the subscriber-provider relationship
  • Become a valued trusted advisor to your clients


Ironically, this applies to Cloud based Litigation Review and eDiscovery software as well !

One of the important points to consider is a backup and remediation plan in the event of a failure of the data center or software running in the data center.   Normally these are recovered in 24 hours, but to be safe it’s good to keep a backup of all meta-data and coding, with local links to documents that have been loaded in the case.

While this is harder to do for really large cases involving multiple parties working simultaneously on a large database, it’s pretty easy for small to medium sized cases involving fewer participants by loading the fields in the review database into a spreadsheet and modifying the links to the documents to be on your local hard drive putting you in charge in the event anything goes wrong in the Cloud.


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