Cloud Migration Services

eDiscoverySquad is Google and Microsoft certified to provide customers with the tools, skills, and training required to manage the migration of records to the cloud.  Prior to migration, eDiscoverySquad’s customized software sorts, tags, and compiles electronic data to match retention schedules and comply with record statutes.

Our experts help you manage all ESI – Email, Phone, Calendaring, Document Storage, Revision Management, Online Collaboration, Archiving, Social Media, eDiscovery, and Litigation Review by using SaaS in the Cloud.

IT Services for Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
ESI Cleanup
Organizational Taxonomy
Software Configuration

Archiving and Google Apps
We provide Google Apps deployments, software training, and act as a Virtual IT Manager, Compliance Officer, and eDiscovery vendor for small to medium sized businesses.

Google Vault archives and preserves all ESI according to your company policy, and is specifically designed to create matters and implement legal holds. Click here to for video of Google Senior Vice President and General Counsel Kent Walker describing how Google Vault can help your business.

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