eDiscovery and Archiving Services

We support a full range of services from Litigation readiness, proficiency in eDiscovery expert testimony, and can can take you all the way through making a production and performing litigation review.

This includes:


Using Google Vault, or Smarsh we are able to archive all types of email, social media, chat, web, and mobile device ESI

eForensic Collection Services

Using free utilities or licensed programs from major vendors such as PinPoint labs or Access Data, we are able to assist you in the process of creating forensically sound collections.

eDiscovery Services

Data Culling, including system deNisting, data range and search keyword culling, and de-duplication and near duplication analysis.

Meta-data extraction, and loading native files into your review tool of choice.

Searching, tagging, and organizing your case data into key issues and facts related to your case.

Producing for opposing counsel, including metadata, load files, in either native, tiff, or PDF formats.

Move your business to the Cloud

If you are interested in having all of your email, documents, voicemail, chat, and web content under a single roof in the cloud we can help you migrate to Google Apps.