Technology Evaluation of eDiscovery Processing Suites LAW preDiscovery vs iPro eCapture


We have been doing testing on iPro eCapture and Lexis Nexis LAW preDiscovery eDiscovery Software.   Below is a link to a consolidated list of iPro eCapture features, and we will be coming out a with a list of the preDiscovery features in another post later.

Previously we published the list of supported file types in this blog entry

We were impressed with the number of File Types supported by LAW preDiscovery (4000) v.s. the iPro eCapture (750).   Also, we liked that fact that LAW preDiscovery had an add on module for OCR’s Asian Character sets, whereas iPro did not.

However, in recent testing we found that LAW pre-Discovery was unable to process Outlook 2003 Unicode .PST’s without manually having to convert them to a format that is recognized by Outlook 2010.   We’d like to hear from anyone else on their experience in this area.

We also found that the LAW preDiscovery EDLoader application which parses among other things, .PST files, and folders with mixed loose files and .PST’s would choke fairly easily on large files or or .PST’s, and would have to be terminated through the task manager and then restarted.  This meant that a lot human intervention required, and potentially lost time trying to run jobs overnight.

iPro’s eCapture on the other hand, allowed multiple asynchronous processing tasks with granular control in suspending and restarting them from it’s control panel, without hanging the application.   It also seemed to have a more robust scripting language for implementing a Rule 26 Keyword Search Plan by simultaneously flagging custom tags to match each search keyword although we still need to do more testing on this.

Other factors include pricing.   We liked that fact that Lexis Nexis preDiscovery offered a monthly payment plan, and iPro eCapture did as well although they require a per page cost for doing TIFF or PDF productions.

We would welcome your input on what you think of these products.

Jeffrey Goodwin
Founder, eDiscoverySquad, LLC

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