eDiscoverySquad, LLC to co-chair webinar – Monetizing Intellecutal Property Assets to Generate Value


We will be co-chairing a webinar on how to leverage intellectual property to create value you through corporate or product branding, field sales techniques, and as a defensive measure against patent trolls.

Here are the main topics:

The value of brands to companies and the importance for business management

Different IP commercialization and monetization strategies to extract value from assets and drive brand value

How you can build customer engagement and develop brand value through licencing

How to demonstrate brand value through effective IP management

Best practice tips on outbound licensing, sales and enforcement

Upsides and downsides of each strategy

Disposal of patents to non-practicing entities – and the downside of this trend

For more information and sign up click here :


Monetizing Intangible Assets to Generate Brand Value



Hope to see you on then !

Jeffrey Goodwin




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